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PRINTS - mounted size 45 x 55 cm.

 50 inc P&P please allow for 7 days delivery

Scroll down for new works - Abstract in Nature and 30 x30 square prints

Card Collections

 Blank inside. Printed on FSC paper. Includes envelopes. Pack of 6 cards 15.00 +1 P&P

Squares 16cmx16cm. Rectangle A5


If there is just one card in a range that you particularly like place your order for that range then email me with details of which one.  













Supporting my Charity Naturezones



USA postage small parcle 19.55

Wight Cow Christmas Cards - Landscape

 I also run a Nature Reserve called http://www.naturezones.org.uk

 It is a charitable organisation. We have had to close so I am fundraising to help it re-open when lockdown is over. Buying a packet of special wildflower seeds will help.

This pack contains mixture of wild flower seeds and cornfield annuals and will be enough for 10 sq.m area 12.95/pck



PRINTS 45cm x 55 cm

Bitterns at Minsemere -  I was surprised by the size of these amazing birds as they crept through the rushes. 50


Great Crested Grebes at Rutland - such a romantic couple. I spent an hour watching a family of Great Crested Grebes looking after their three young. The chicks rode on Mum's back while the dad dived down for food then fed it to the chicks as they hitched their ride. For me a magic moment 50



Ospreys at Rutland Water - When I saw them together there seemed to be a strong bond between them 50

Also available as a 30 x30 cm inc mount 18




Jackdaws - These two lovely birds posed for me while I was drinking a cup of coffee at a motorway service station 50

Also available as a 30 x30 cm inc mount 18


Puffins on Bass Rock - the cutest of birds. Bass rock provides a safe haven for therm. You can get really close to them via the web cams at the wildlife centre. 50

Also available as a 30 x30 cm inc mount 18

Boxing Hares on Tennyson Down, Isle of Wight - I didn't realise hares could get so big. Since coursing has been banned they can now grow to full size. 50

Also available as a 30 x30 cm inc mount 18

Otter at the Wildlife Park - sadly my only real life sighting was of them in captivity. Their enclosure was massive but it can never, ever be big enough as indeed can enclosures ever be big enough for any animal in captivity 50

Also available as a 30 x30 cm inc mount 18

Sitting Pretty - completely made up. There is something cheeky about rear ends 50

Also available as a 30 x30 cm inc mount 18

Strutting Pheasants in my Garden 50

Avocets at Rutland - they are dainty, elegant birds and I am always disappointed if they are not at Rutland water when I visit the bird fair in August 50

Rutting Stags at Ullapool - I was driving north along the winding road from Ullapool. Just around the third bend there they were, looking regal and alert. I slowed down to get a better image printed on my mind. On that same day I was coming back through the central road from Tong and saw on a craggy rock an enormous bird of prey. I went through the list in my head, ospery, peregrin, buzzard, kite, all too small. Then it dawned on me that it was a Golden Eagle! WOW 50

Also available as a 30 x30 cm inc mount 18

Goldfinches at home - I look up through my studio window and there they are eating from the seed heads of knapweed and teasle - a joy to behold 50

Stag in the New Forest - you have to get out of the car and find an off the beaten track route to get a good sighting of a deer. 50

Badger at Naturezones - caught on my trail camera running across a foot bridge 50

Highland Cows on the Alverstone Cycle Track 50

My little garden bird collection 50



30 x 30 square prints inc mount. 21.00 Please choose from the drop down boxes


Square prints waders


Square Prints Little Birds (words are not displayed on the prints)


Abstract in Nature - Mounted size 30cm x 30cm. Pale Ivory mount. From original watercolours and words by Angela

I love abstract art and it has taken me many years to develop my own concept. It wasn't until I developed my nature reserve on the Isle of Wight -  www.Naturezones.org.uk  - and developed my passion for nature conservation that my abstract ideas evolved.

28.00 inc P&P 













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