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The Isle of Wight

Sun...Sea...Sand and sensuality


Driving on the Island is different and liberating. We do not have a rat race on the Isle of Wight. Slow down take your time, what's the rush? You are on holiday. Besides it only takes 45 mins to drive from one side of the Island to the other.

To avoid traffic jams - avoid Newport. Traffic Lights are the Island's new toy, particularly in Newport.

If you miss the ferry there is always another one not far behind it!

Life is different on the Island compared to the rest of Britain. That is what makes it so unique and special.

We don't dream of being like the mainland we dream of being a better version of ourselves.

Picturesque Villages

Thatch Cottages

Edwardian seaside resorts

a Garden Isle

Narrow winding lanes

Wild open spaces

Broad leafed Forests

River side walks

Wild life marshes and water meadows

Chalk cliff downs and rarest plants

Time to walk, time to cycle, time to dream, time to live.

The Isle of Wight


My Home

Island Culture - Roman History... Victorian History... Industrial History... Archaeology... Natural History... Dinosaur History... History of the America's Cup Race... History of the world renowned Isle of Wight Pop Festival... History of Poetic Hero's and Photographic Heroines... Island Life? - It's different, it's a life style and it's a  great place for artists

Boost the Island's economy support our artists - the creators of new markets


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