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Recipes from Lugley's Restaurant

in no particular order - merely as they come to mind - it just gives me an excuse to visit my web site and add something to it!

Angela's Restaurant is Currrently CLOSED. Angela, while chef/proprietor of Lugleys restaurant cooked for Prince Edward, Prince Andrew, Prince Phillip, Prince Michael of Kent and Princess Alexander. She plans to re-open soon.
Baked egg and Smoked Haddock en cocotte

For 4 people

4 small eggs

4 oz strong cheddar cheese

1 medium onion finely chopped and softened in a little oil

4 oz natural smoked haddock

8 tbl spns double cream - possibly more!


Pre heat the oven to very hot. Divide the softened onion between 4 large cocotte dishes. Place the diced smoked haddock around the edge of the dishes. Break an egg into the centre. Top with a generous amount of grated cheese and pour over the double cream. Season with salt and black pepper. Place on a baking tray and bake in the very hot oven for 15 minutes. Longer for a well done egg. Fifteen minutes should give you a firm white and a runny yolk. Yummy!


Potted Lobster

For 4 People

1 Large lightly cooked lobster removed from its shell

4oz clarified butter

2 tblspns white wine

generous pinch ground mace, black pepper and paprika

Small amount of smashed garlic according to taste

sprig of fresh dill

Melt butter in sauté pan. Add herbs and spices and wine. Simmer very gently for 3-4 mins so that the flavours infuse. Dice the Lobster. Add to pan. Heat the lobster meat through thoroughly but gently (do not overcook or boil unless you want tough chewy lobster). Pack the lobster into four ramekin dishes. Remove the dill weed from the butter and pour the butter over the lobster so that the lobster is completely covered. Cool thoroughly then refrigerate. To serve run a warm knife around the sides of the ramekin dishes. Turn the potted lobster out onto a lettuce leaf. Serve with brown bread and butter or hot toast. Delicious!

Spring Lamb with creamy lemon and mint sauce

note: the sauce can be served with a roast leg of lamb or lamb cutlets

For 4 people

Leg of Spring lamb or 8-12 lamb cutlets trimmed of any excess fat.

Prepare the sauce in advance

1 whole lemon

1 pt chicken stock

1 hpd tbl spn plain flour

2 tblspns oil

Small bunch of fresh mint

1 small pot soured cream


Heat the oil in a heavy bottomed saucepan. Add the flour and stir until melted into the oil. Do not allow to go brown. Add the chicken stock and cook over a moderate heat until the sauce has thickened. Add the grated rind and juice of the lemon. Add the chopped mint and the soured cream heat through then, put to one side while the meat is cooking. Add any juices from the meat to the sauce. Reheat and serve with the lamb.

Roast the leg of lamb as you would normally but be careful not to over cook it. Pink is better than well-done for Spring lamb. If using cutlets grill for 5-8 minutes each side.


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